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I started shooting and editing around the turn of the Century when my band broke up for the first time. My Panasonic mini-dv tapes stretched to 16:9 scaling trying to make standard definition look cool. Early freelance work through Puma, Guinness, Goodwill and the Boston music scene.

Later I would get a real job at Boston University and produce video for all online graduate programs. This was the gig where I built a studio in a storage closet, developed brand standards for my department, and fully grasped media management and deadlines.


Content development came next. I began producing original programs for a video portal of my own creation, Plus1TV. Dozens of episodes were produced and programmed across four channels of entertainment. Music, Food, Film, Humor. I ran the whole thing and produced three original series.


As of late I've been running the tv station at Barnstable High School, consulting on livestream production with Cotuit Center for Arts and the Cape Symphony, and working freelance clients locally.

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